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Halbur Community Development Corporation (HCDC) will strive to make the community open and attractive to new businesses and new residences alike.


First and foremost to promote and develop existing and new businesses in the Halbur community. To achieve this we will begin by combating deterioration and enhancing the quality of life in Halbur and surrounding areas. By precept and example we will maintain and preserve the rich heritage passed down to us and entrusted to us by our forefathers. We hope to generate new residency by beautifying the town, making it more appealing visually as well as marketing and increasing its efficiency and convenience. New residency will be imperative in coping with population fluctuation and the increasing population in Carroll county. We plan to channel the available energy within the community to work for the betterment of the community.

  • Develop a welcome wagon
  • Community quick reference
  • Community information packet
  • Newsletters


HCDC is a non-profit organization with a tax exempt status. Incorporated September 1, 1997. The corporation is organized exclusively for the betterment of Halbur and surrounding areas and is in no way organized for profit. No director or officer of the corporation will be entitled to share in the corporate assets while the corporation is active or if it is ever dissolved. HCDC will need income to further advance its place in the community and to achieve its goals. This will be obtained by the proceeds of membership drives. The officers of this corporation will meet at regular sessions in order to make the Halbur community a better place to live. The overall success of the corporation will depend on the participation of the community as a whole. This organization will not in any way usurp or replace any existing organization, governmental or otherwise, nor will it assume the duties or interfere with the ambitions thereof, but will be active only when a need indicated for the promotion of the general welfare.

In summary, the needs and advancement of our community can be achieved with the guidance and initiative of a few in combination with the efforts of all those interested and concerned in preserving and improving our town. We are not planning to change for changes sake, but we will change for our children and for generations to come.